Roman Neumann Thought Leader | Innovation Strategist | Digital Thinker

I believe that the digital future can be shaped actively, enabling us to work and live in a new, self-determined and motivating way. As a keynote speaker and coach, I inspire the people in your company with new perspectives - and thereby give impulses for real transformation.


The permanent change and curiosity for the new has been inspiring me for many years. Life on 4 continents, in 4 countries and 7 cities offered me the challenge to reinvent and develop myself on every occasion.

As an open-minded thinker and innovation enthusiast, I was able to gain experience in the international corporate environment, in medium-sized businesses and as co-founder of a start-up. The digital transformation enables companies to develop completely new business models and to shape the future of work through NewWork.

Customer centering, agile organizations, leadership and cultural change are motivating forces. I shape and support this change as a speaker and coach.

The three dimensions of transformation


As a coach and trainer, I stand for appreciative support on an individual level and accompany you in achieving your goals on your own responsibility. The basis for this is the encouragement of personal development and the orientation of one's own resources. As a coach and trainer, I always work goal-, solution- and result-oriented.


As scrum master and agile coach I help your team to introduce and use an agile mindset and agile methods. The Agile Principles form the basis for a self-responsible teamwork.


As a keynote speaker and coach, I give impulses for shaping the digital future of your organization. This includes the introduction of new working environments through New Work and the establishment of innovations through partnerships and a digital mindset in the organization.


  • Sympathetic, innovative and inspiring. Roman creates trust through his open nature and is very close to the listener. A good speaker with vision, who explains the opportunities but also the challenges of digitization with simple but accurate examples and who can convey the potential of new technologies well.
    Dr. Joachim Goldbeck
    Head of Human Resources, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank
  • Roman left a lasting impression on me on two levels at once: as a keynote speaker on the one hand and in working with him as an event manager on the other. His high level of collaboration with a lot of intuition distinguished him in the design and implementation of a young leadership event for 250 young managers of a company. After a series of grue... continue reading
    René Junkes
    Founder of Evolwe
  • I experienced Roman Neumann live when he gave a lecture on "New Work" at our works council meeting. The way his presentation - theory and practice vividly presented - made a lasting impression on everyone. The numerous theses he presented on the change of work in the future were of high added value, especially for us as representatives of employees... continue reading
    Sven Franke
    Chairman of the workers council apoBank
  • We were very lucky to win Roman Neumann as a speaker on the topic of "Digital Transformation" for our HR network platform management meetings, which has been in existence since 2004. Roman impressed our participants not only with his profound expertise, but also with his very winning manner. With him, we were able to present an expert who... continue reading
    Undine Zumpe
    Owner & Founder, management meetings
  • Roman Neumann inspires quietly. He convinces by the kind of his lecture, brings in his knowledge through a digital point of view and surprises the audience with the possibilities of this technology. At the same time, he establishes a connection to us, the users, and explores the possibilities of opportunities and risks for man and machine. It is im... continue reading
    Wolfgang Häck
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board Deutsche Apotheker- & Ärztebank
  • With his calm, empathetic and appreciative nature, Roman has created a very pleasant working atmosphere. From the very beginning, I was very much involved in our coaching discussions. Roman has a very broad range of methods at his disposal - he always uses his tools in a very goal- and result-oriented way. His interventions and impulses have helped... continue reading
    Caroline Hansen
    HR Business Partner, Arcadis
  • Roman Neumann inspired the auditorium with surprising insights, entertaining analogies and his authentic personality and motivated them to actively tackle transformation not as a threat but as an opportunity. He is a real asset as a key note speaker.
    Annie Kerguenne
    Design Thinking Strategist & Master Coach Executive Knowledge & Development, Hasso-Plattner-Institut
  • Roman gave an inspirational speech about new work, success drivers and how he has managed to implement these key concepts effectively in his own life. Due to his authentic examples and compelling design principles, I asked him for a personal coaching session - which was a key breakthrough to take the next step towards my desired career. With a grea... continue reading
    Theresa Böttger
    Senior Product Specialist Equities, Deutsche Bank